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Custom Fireplace TV Installation


A Custom TV Installation Is Just One Step Away!

All Media Technologies needs is some basic information to get a quote:

• Size of the TV to be installed
• Type of wall material
• List of equipment
• Whether you want the wiring to be concealed

Quotes for fireplace TV installation typically range from $200 – $600, depending on how much maintenance the system will need.

Integrating a TV with Your Existing Decor

Q: Can I still turn on and use my fireplace?

A: Yes! The fireplace remains completely functional and separate from the TV unit.

Q: Will the heat generated by the fireplace affect the TV?

A: No, despite misconceptions, the exhaust is contained within the fireplace’s flue or exhaust pipe, which is located at a significant distance from the front wall of the fireplace. By the time the gases reach the height of the mounted TV, they have already cooled and won’t pose a heat threat.

Q: Does the type of existing fireplace I have matter?

A: With the right tools and professional services that Media Technologies offers combined with their years of experience remodeling media rooms, all fireplaces constructed with a reasonable design should be feasible for TV installation. Depending on the type of fireplace that exists, its design and age, we may have to work around some factors but that won’t stop you from having a brand new TV installed in your home!

Q: Can you conceal the TV wiring and power cord for aesthetic purposes?

A: Certainly! The majority of clients choose to conceal their wires and have us install a certified electrical outlet to power the TV externally. The A/V wiring involved is listed amongst our numerous services. Even if there isn’t any attic or crawl space above the room, we can still use in-wall methods to utilize your home’s natural space.


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